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The Mist |GermanyxSoldier!Reader| Lemon Horror

She was running from the mist. There were sounds coming from the unknown. Suddenly she didn’t know where to turn when she sighted a building near the corner of her eye.  She should run faster. Even if she had her rifle it wouldn’t take the creatures long enough to overwhelm her.

She reached the front door of the building, a drug store. Locked. She cursed and moved out again to another building she sighted. It was a three story building and it was at the other side of the pavement. The place was a deserted base on the abandoned cars on the parking lot. She ran again.

The sounds came again. It was horrifying but she fought down her fear, she was a soldier. Reaching the door, she pounded hard and swallowed the lump in her throat that this could be the end for her.

“Hey! Anybody? Open the door please!”

The only reply was from the creatures in the mist. She was breathing hard now and the hammering in her heart can’t stop. She turned and plated her feet firmly, aiming her gun out there. The mist now swelled down on her feet and the surrounding was veiled. She can’t see.

The first creature bounded from her right, she fired. It was bug-like creature only bigger. Looking out again, she pounded the door with her foot.

“Hey anybody in there!”

There was another, larger and it has blood on its fangs. Pulling the trigger, she sidestepped as the bug fell beside the door. Huffing, she bent down to examine the creature. A mistake. It moved, scratching
her on the chin. It pounced bringing her to the ground. She tried pushing it back by the neck by her arm.

Without her notice, the bug already brought her flying from the ground and to the open. She struggled free from the bug, and she felt cars on her dangling feet. She can’t die like this, she can’t. She growled, wiggling out for escape. She heard gunshots and the last thing she knew she was down on the pavement.


She woke with a headache. A hand was helping her to sit up. One thing she knew. She was alive. The lady looked up and found blue eyes staring back at her.

“You saved me?”

“Yes, fortunately your pounding woke us all up. And in time we found out there.”

“Thank you.”

The room was barely lit when she had a look around. So she had survived. Pain welcomed her as she shifted to get up from the bed. She winced.


She glanced at the man. There was something familiar about him.

“Do I know you from somewhere?”

His brows lifted. “Well, you can say I was the chief medic who volunteered at your camp up there at the mountain.”

“Oh.” She hoped she wasn't blushing too much. The woman can’t remember his name but she admitted to herself back at the base that she was quite smitten with the man. Who can resist him anyways? Being second-in-command means tallying up orders and that gave her a chance to see him more.

“What happened?”

She looked up at him, realizing he still waited for her to explain. Suddenly, she was aware that her hair was not tied up as usual and she maybe smelled of blood. “Some-some shit got wrong. I don’t know how but—those creatures out there they just appeared from the facilitation building where most of the experiments are held…” her voice trailed. She realized she knows little.

“I believe you.”

“Who were you with?”

“My brother and his friends. “

“Where are they?”

He crossed his arms. “They got help and made sure we get enough food supply from the nearby grocery.”

“What happens now?”

“I don’t know. I’ve been thinking the same thing.”

“Do you have telephone connection?”

He shook his head. “You know, I didn't get your name back there. I’m Ludwig.” He held out his hand.

“I’m—” she stopped, looking away. Maybe it was instinct, maybe it was her soldier’s training but she isn't sure why she stopped. She couldn't trust this man, her gut told her. She glanced at him.

“Is something wrong?”


He withdrawn his hand and put them in his pockets. “You’ve been out all afternoon. It’s already evening.”

Her eyes widen and brought her attention outside. The windows were barred shut. True to his word there isn’t any single light outside. Still, she peered. Nothing. There’s the mist and there’s nothing to see. What now?

She turned to him. “Is there any food we can eat?”

“Yes. In the kitchen.”

They both got down and eat their fill. She opened a canned tuna and he, the mashed potatoes left from breakfast. “Are you worried that they’re still out there?”

Ludwig was silent for a moment. “No.”

They ate in silence for another few minutes. “They probably stayed inside the grocery store where there are still people inside. That’s for sure.”

She sighed.

Her body felt tired after all the running even when she already slept. Sitting, she cradled her aching head and massaged it herself. Recalling all that passed should be easy but it is only coupled with desperation and survival.  Those at the camp hadn’t known what was coming; she tried to wake her friends after hearing an unmistakable sound of a monster outside. They won’t wake up even after she shoved them off the bed. She run for her rifle to rouse the others but at the end of the hallway there is the mist and the sounds coming from it.

She shouted for them to wake up, all the way running away from the mist. No one aroused from their sleep. Until she was at the exit that she has no choice but to run away and save herself. She regretted doing it. Maybe it would stick at her until she took her last breath.

A sound made her jump from her sit. It was Ludwig from behind.

“Still had a headache?”

She nodded.

He seated himself in front of her. “They aren’t coming back.” He said as much to himself. His lips were a thin line and his brows were knitted together. “I’ve assumed as much.”

“That can’t be.”

“You don’t understand. We had a failing lately, my brother and I. Maybe he decided to leave me here stranded to die.”

“Maybe in this situation he knows that he doesn’t want to let you…go.” She was about to say die.

“No, it’s hard times. And it’s this time that he had the chance.”

“Maybe you can stop worrying about him when we still a have a problem here.”

He looked at her, eyes smoldering. “Yeah, we have.”

She left him there at the kitchen to fend to his emotions. Right now she wants to lie down and ease the stress on her body. At the second floor, she easily found her room previously. Sleep took her soon as she expected.

At the middle of her sleep, dreams caught up to her. It had been vague but entirely…sinful. She woke up still tired. Looking around, she spotted the clock at her side. 7:23

She sat up and made a disgusted face as she recalled her dream.

It was Ludwig: He was nuzzling her neck and she readily offered it to him.

It was almost real, she told herself. Instead, she pushed it back down where she doesn’t want memories to be recalled. Later, she showered and took the liberty to use one of his white shirts. She found herself staring at her combat pants and decided to cut it short to be paired with the shirt. Downstairs, she checked on her host.

He emerged from the cellar beside the fire place. She observed him from the hallway. Base on his disheveled state he probably smelled drunk. His blink twice, trying to regain focus and turn to the shelf above the fireplace, finding his glasses.

Even in his state he was a sight to behold. All hard planes with the glasses. She blushed, suddenly remembering her dream. Had he been in her room and performed it himself? She began to doubt it.

“Mr. Luwig.”

“Hey, dove.” There was a slur in his voice. Drunk.

“I see you’ve been out.”


“Are you hiding something?”

He shook his head. “No. Why would I hide something?”


The day went on.

She can’t stop thinking of her friend back at the base. She shouldn’t have left, she should have brought one of them. An idea struck at her that they must be all dead, just masked by sleeping. And what? She was the only one to survive?

There had been no books that interested her. And so the bed was her only option. It was only eight when she lied down to sleep.

Out of sight, because the window was position at her back, the wooden bars were damaged. In a matter of seconds a bug would found its way in.

Sound awoken her, it had been scratching sound. It irritated her that she opened her eyes and found herself face to face with the horrendous creature. She let herself scream and jump back from the bed. Her bottom hit the floor and she quickly got up and retrieved her gun on the side table. She felt nothing in her hand.


He came as soon as he heard her scream. He fired the rifle and bug sputtered its slimy bug on the bed. She ran towards the door where her rescuer is and swallowed. Ludwig dropped his aim.

“Are you hurt?”

“Luckily, no.”

“Let’s get you downstairs. I’m going to repair the damage. Wait there.”

She complied.

After, she found herself sitting on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate in her hands. Ludwig placed the gun on the table and seated himself beside her. They discovered that she had a scratch on her leg, on how it came to happen she isn’t sure.

“Maybe when you’re asleep.”

She nodded. “It didn’t look bad. Just a gash.”

“I’m relieved.”

“Your hot chocolate tastes good.” She said.

“Every hot chocolate tastes good.”

“Well, yours is different.”

He smiled.

“I…thank you for saving me.” she tried to return his smile.

“It’s the least I could do to keep someone with me.”

It meant something, she thought, the way he said it.

They talked a while, and when she felt sleepy she let herself trust him to guard her all through the night.
Still, dreams hadn’t abandoned her. It was Ludwig again. Right now, he felt real. A hand was on her
waist and another pinned her wrist. Somehow, she still believed it was a damn dream. It couldn’t be real. Not like this she, she told herself. Out of league, she willed herself to open her eyes.

He was there. She gasped just in time to realize he too was surprised. Ludwig quickly got up and away from her, his face was a beat up red.

“I knew it.” she whispered, her eyes still wide.

“I—I’m so sorry. I don’t know what got into to me.” he brushed back his hair. His embarrassment and the gesture made something in her middle. It was cute and sexy. “I’ll just go and sleep in the cellar and lock myself in. If I go up, you can hear me.” he hesitated then will himself to walk. Head bowed, he walked down the steps.

“Wait.” Her voice was soft. “I want you to stay.”

He glanced at the cellar. What was he thinking? Sleeping on the cold hard ground? Maybe he’s still being a gentleman. Maybe she didn’t want him to be.

“I uh need you to uh get some wine and letustalkinthekitchen.”

“What?” he croaked.

“Let us talk in the kitchen.”


She seated herself and waited for him to return. Ideas invaded her head and what possibly could happen. He appeared and she stood.

“I’m very sorry about—”

“Stop. Give me the wine please.”

He did.

She opened the cork nervously and drank straight from the bottle. “So tell me about your life.”
They found themselves talking about light topics and avoiding too serious subjects. Later, she felt his hand on her waist while talking and her arm draped on his shoulder while laughing. Man, they’re both drunk. The idea came up and it stopped her from laughing. Suddenly she remembered the challenge on who will last drinking more wine.

Realization hit her, she felt tipsy. “I think I want to go to bed now.” Slurred but clear.

They stirred away from the table. She had a notion he will be a gentleman even now and he will leave her in peace.

Ludwig placed her gently on the bed but her hand still hooked behind his head, she brought him close. They both smelled of alcohol and she remembered she wasn’t in too much alcohol but she didn’t care right now. She needed something to sate her. She needed something from him.

“What is it?” he whispered.

“I can’t forgive what you did back there.” she bit her lips.

His eyes went straight at them. “Now, I challenge you to finish what you’ve started.” A sly smile formed on her lips.

“Do you need me now?”


He started immediately.

Ludwig kissed his way along her exposed skin. Unbuttoning the shirt, she marveled the feeling he felt on top of her, love the way every part of his body onto hers. She sighed as he reached the sweet spot behind her ear.

With the buttons undone, he yanked it off her. As soon as he took sight of her bosom, he pounced and played with them. He undid her bra and threw it off. He kissed her again, seizing her mouth, a hand behind her head.

Ludwig took his time memorizing the way she kissed. When he kissed hard, she moaned. When he slowed, she took the reins, bringing her arms over her shoulders exploring his mouth.

He lied her down and watched her flushed body curl itself. He stopped her arms from hiding her beautiful breasts. “Don’t.”

Her hard breathing made her chest rise up and down, as if inviting him. Ludwing shook of his unbuttoned shirt and underwear and returned his attention on kissing the woman.

“Do you want me to love you tonight?”

“Yes.” Just like that, no hesitation. He loves that in a woman.

He resumed. “This night.” He said as he tucked a hair behind her ear. “I will treasure you, and love you, and pleasure you. I want you feel me inside you, to give in to me. Tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

“I want you. I want your love. Ludwig…please.”

“I will. I promise.”

He reached for his tie and tied both her wrists. She complied.

On all fours, he offered her his shaft and she gladly took it in her mouth. Ludwig moaned roughly. She took time in giving him pleasure, looking up at him with those puppy eyes. He guided her, holding her head. In and out, in and out. Suck in, suck out. When he felt himself near he pulled her out. It came out with a pop.

Positioned with her outstretched open for him, he inserted himself. He sighed, contented and excited. He pumped once, hard. She let out a moan. Another and she dug her nails on his shoulders. He braced his arms on either side of her and started the rhythmic pleasure of getting inside her.

H began slow, at ease, so she can feel him moving gently. He wants her to know that he was in her, right now, moving inside her. Her grip lightened as she closed her eyes. He pushed, her legs hooked on his arms.

“Ludwig, please~”

“What is it?”


He did as she pleased. Harder he did, louder and more sensual she became. Her moans were music in his ears, as he plowed more. Again, he did every thrust harder and faster until he was breathing and he could hear her huffs in time with him. She didn’t complain. So he continued his frenzy pumping into her, the tip of shaft hitting something, her spot. She cried out a juicy moan a shaky one but it wasn’t a climax.
He continued until he felt her nearing, he stopped. She practically growled her desperation.


Ludwig got in again, this time with more ease. He reveled inside her again pumping as hard as she liked.
He continued again and again, again and again until she hugged him, her thighs shaking as she neared. She took one gasp and he knew, he pump one last time and they both shattered in climax.
The last thing she remembered was tiredness and bliss.


Up form bed, Ludwig wasn’t beside her. She narrowed her eyes. She began to suspect something. She dressed quickly and headed downstairs. The windows were all clear and that only means one thing.
Are they safe?

She found him closing the door. He was wearing a light blue shirt just like the color of his eyes and glasses. There were a lot of questions in her mind about outside but she decided to ask, “Is the mist gone.

He smiled up at her. Somehow, it made her feel shy and she blushed. Is it after all last night? “Yes. The mist is gone.”

She took the rest of the stairs down. She hugged him. “I’m so relieved.”

“Yeah. But my brother. He’s gone.”

She looked up at him, her brows furrowed. “I’m so sorry.”

Ludwig swallowed. “It’s alright.” He returned her embraced.


“I found you. And after letting go of everything, after this everything. I have you.”

She smiled. “It’s quite fast, don’t you think?”

“In this kind of feeling maybe people like tend to be.”
The Mist |GermanyxReader LEMON HORROR|

It's been a long long while since I've posted a dev! Hi baes :heart:

I'll admit I've been embarrassed when writing the lemon part, thinking wtf am i writing?! BUT for you watchers and readers here you go, another unique story.

from the idea of :icongermanblackrabbit: GERMANY ALL THE WAY!
O and the story was inspired by The Mist, a Stephen King's based movie. You guys should watch it! :)

Anime/Manga-Hetalia©the amazing Himaruya

all my oher fanfics you can visit my gallery :)


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