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I'm in a Black Butler phase right now...heheh

BUUUUUT hopefully it's going to last and the series If Were His is going to end.

I'm very excited to write HETALIA x Reader again!

I'm also up for collabs if you want to do one!  Just ask if I know the fandom
and message me if you're interested to do a fanfic with me. 


It goes like this...

Is this his true punishment?

The lights are dim and shadows were everywhere. She must have covered the seal with the humans called cosmetics and somehow succeed. She must be testing his loyalty. A mark cannot disappear until another demon nullified it. But their contract is done by good faith; he didn’t push her to form a contract with him. So there is no reason another demon would do it.

Good faith, eh?

“No, you lie. The seal is still there and this is no joke. I wouldn’t want to strangle you again, my lady. I can accept any punishment but this is going too far.”

“I’m not lying, Sebastian. If you want proof here,” she pulled down the neckline lower for him to see.

He instantly blushed.

"I don’t understand. I thought you're used to me." She covered herself again.

"I'm not—It's improper for a lady to pull down her garment for a man to look at her bosom."

"But I want your full attention."

"Now, you're provoking me. Don't thread on waters you can't handle, love." He tugged on his glove with his and

"I want you to believe that’s all.”

“Haven’t you learned that lying will not do you good? You said so yourself, for our bond to be resilient,” cupping her face in one hand, he licked his lips. “You shouldn’t tell lies. If the seal vanished as you sincerely proposed I will grab the opportunity of its inconvenience to mark you again."

She looked perplexed and as mesmerized.

He reached for her arm. "You'll submit yourself to me like before."

She couldn’t take control of her body as he let him drag her closer to him.

"I'll brand you with our seal and make it stronger than before."

He caressed the delicate flesh beneath her jaw and trailed his finger down to the already disturbed neckline and pulled it down lower. She shivered in his treatment.

Gently, he licked the soft flesh. "The last time I marked you was near here. I don't want the same mistake again."

She pants as he continues to operate her body.

"The tables have changed, my sweet. Now, you are my pawn and I am the master. Don't do anything that will make me end you, understand?"

This is wrong, she thought but the only thing she can do about it is to comply. She nodded.

His finger trailed on her flesh once more as if it helps him to decide where to mark her or he's just teasing her angel-pride. He stopped at the most sensitive part of her neck. She jerked, surprised.

He bit her. Nibbled her. Then he played it with his tongue.

Innocently, he sucked at the delicate flesh. And licked her again.

She felt a painful burning sensation on her skin. And guessed he was serious about marking her again but she mused it would leave another kind of mark.

“You look very beautiful when you are red, my sweet. How I make you so flustered, it makes want to see all of you.”

“I think we’re done.” She carefully extracted herself from him but her breathes were ragged.

He stood and went to lock the door. “I believe we’re just starting.”

AUTHOR'S BLOCK :o (Eek) :| (Blank Stare) :o (Eek)

*** *** ***

Hey, guys I really need your help whether I'll Betareader Emote 

Bullet; Red Just insert a tease Meow :3 
Bullet; Red Insert someone to bother them Giggle 
Bullet; Red Insert the other angel :happybounce: 
Bullet; Red Insert Lemon :baffled:

Just a little more to the ending! but not without any I mean not the action. It's justaw, you know what I mean.

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