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Windows smashed and glasses scattered all over the room. The shards went contact with her skin and she was wounded. Once again, a capable being she was, she stumbled on the floor. Three figures dashed in the room whereas she was blinded by the afternoon light. She can’t see their faces at first. The closest intruder grabbed her at the arms and hooked cuffs at both her wrists. It was all fast she hadn’t had time to think and get away. She tried but she found out the cuffs were charmed. The other one held her still as she was faced to the one in charge.


“Pardon our intrusion Miss though it would be very pleasant to think this a debt to be paid.” the reaper greeted.

“What do you want?” she said.

“Just like previously,” he began walking towards her. “You have to come with us.”

Seconds ticked by before she sprang into action. She head-butted her captor and decided to take on William before getting away. She took a few fast steps to him but she was pushed to the ground.

Craning her neck, she saw a redhead smiling wickedly above her his foot planted on her back. He wore white long-sleeves, a vest, a long red jacket the color of scarlet.

“Hmm,” the redhead started. “This lady is looking for trouble.”

“Grell.” William’s tone hinted displeasure.

“Is she really worth it?” (Name) really can’t read the redhead’s expression but the voice conveyed boredom.

“Our department needs her and for that we have to extract her from here and get her to headquarters as fast as we can.” William answered.

“I need to get to Phantomhive mansion.” she tried to wriggle free only to be pushed down.

“I’m sorry we can’t allow that.” He said, and then nodded to the other two.
They started to move past the broken shards then out into the open.

“Wait!” she nearly pleaded. “If you need information I will tell you now. But you have let me go. To where I’ll be, it’s very important.” She was pleading.

“We can ask you now, but still we need you with us.”

“No.” she shook her head in frustration and sagged between her two captors. She sighed calming her nerves. “What do you really want?”

William faced her, his whole body language full of intent. He blinked once then pushed his spectacles up. “You. We need you, Lady (Name).”

Whatever they planned, she thought, it can only be dreadful as she thought Sebastian would currently be.



Head thrown up, Sebastian screamed his lungs out. This is the most painful torture he’d experience—here and almost as painful when he was deep down in the fires. The burning stopped but the pain still cuts deeper into him whenever he breathes. His bloodshot eyes, they splashed the water in his eyes and they too burn like he was going blind and the pain reminded him if he did he made it through a lot of pain.

“S-stop.” He hissed. Under his lashes, his eyes sent him daggers.

“Well, well, have you acquired the sense to tell me now?” the man holding his life at the moment asked.

“I told you I never reveal—guh. She’s already up there in heaven planning to destroy you and your plan,” he spitted blood and smiled under dark eyes. “Even if it includes me.”

He was punched and his face flew sideways. It was nothing compared to the burning sensation he felt every time the liquid was poured on his skin.


“The creature we’re facing is the one called Abaddon.”

(Name) knew her and she immediately knew how dire their situation was. “Abaddon, a knight of Hell. I thought they were wiped out from the face of the earth. Well, she proved wrong.”

“Yes. She has delivered messages from different forms of channels but it all held the same problem.” William explained.

“And that is?”

“To wipe out the whole organization. Including us reapers. Out of business, out of existence.”

Her smug nature surfaced out of nowhere. “Well that is terrible.”

“Chaotic. Now,” he clasps his gloved hands and behind his glasses he looked at her in the eyes. “Tell me everything.”

She held his gaze. “Why would I? Why would an angel like me help you?”
Straightening, he didn’t take his eyes away. “We could save your pet, the beast.”


“Heaven.” The torturer stepped away then threw down the knife back on the tray. “Heaven? You think the bitch is already up there.” Scoffing, he shook his head at him.

He snatched the knife from the tray and pointed it at him threateningly. “Tell me everything you know or this hits home.”

A few breathes past with death in his eyes, nothing came out of Sebastian’s mouth.
The torturer snorted and readied his arm to plunge through his heart.



The double doors exploded open and a finely dressed man hastily came in. Wine-colored garb hugged his torso. His breeches were satin black paired with his black polished shoes. This mas as he came to know as master over the past years was the Earl of Phantomhive.

“Shiver me timbers, what a surprise.” Alistair, with the knife, greeted the newcomer.

Any other time Sebastian would be happy to see him but this is an entirely different situation. What is the earl doing in a place like this? Is he rescue? Pathetic, a master saving his servant? Still, he has trust left because of the interruption.

“Don’t kill him.” Ciel said.

“Is that pity I hear in your voice, earl?” Azazel looked amused.

He retrieved the knife from his grip. “You don’t need him anymore.”

Azazel turned away dismissing his demand. “Perhaps Alistair would be fitting. If he were here…”

“I have good news for you.” he said.

“He won’t talk. He’s as good as dead. Useless,” he glanced at Sebastian. “Perhaps the most useless one I’ve known.”

“The reapers proposed a trade. They’ve got a grace of an angel.”

“Hm. That’s rare. And what would I do with that if I don’t have a living kicking angel? Dumb nitwits, they should have thought about that.”

“They offered another bargain. A human soul in exchange for Sebastian.”

“What good would one soul would—” he caught himself thinking. “Whose soul was they’re offering?”

No, Sebastian thought. He almost choked in his own dread. If the grace were plucked out of an angel then one could become human does that mean…she has a soul? And if she has she’s offering it to the enemy for him. The chains and the pain were no longer the most painful thing in his state right now. It was the cracks of the wall that surrounds his demonic heart. His other—true—master is ready to sacrifice herself for him. Bowing his head, he snickered then it turned louder into laughter then until there was no more. He cast eyes heaven wards. He sighed. “What price is love?”



Eyes ignited with a new fire looked up. It diminished when she focused on her audience standing before her. The angel and the mortician held their place and waited. The woman who were sitting seconds before turned to another being, it's aura changed. Gone is the woman with unsure goals and plan for revenge, now she is a being reborn with a new purpose. Her crimson gown added a ferocity in her look and her face looked more matured and serious.

"(Name) I'm relieved if not happy you're back. Time is of essence you have to tell me the secret now."

"I've missed you too, Castiel.” A small smile formed on her lips. “But before that." She turned to the mortician and reached her hand towards his forehead.

The undertaker immediately slumped down on the hard floor and lied there still.

"Let me ask you, how did you find me?"

"Well, when you fell from heaven you were nowhere to be found. And I thought that you finally used the last of your powers to leap through time. And because time is fluid…”

“But I didn’t.” she said.

Castiel nodded once. “Yes. So I traced your grace, looked for it and it brought me here. It's the only way I can think of to finding you.”

"I'm sensing you're not going to tell me why you need what you seek. I'll tell you what I've told the other angels. The secret is for me to bear."


He held up a finger. "I understand your only trying to do the right thing. And I know you Castiel, you always have the heart to do the right thing. That's why I trust you."

"What about the demon? Did he earn your trust as well?"

She turned away. "I'll come home with you after my deed here is done."

"I cannot allow that."

Her hand shot out to point her finger at her, emphasizing. "Castiel, I can't come back. I've missed home so many times it hurts. Please understand, I am doing what's best...I'm doing what I think is right."

"(Name), if you don't fix this I'll intervene and help you get better."

"Castiel, I am better. I promised I would save Elizabeth and I would set Sebastian free."

"What if it doesn't work? How can you be sure that your plan might turn out foul?"

“I won’t. If it meant that I have to sacrifice my grace and become mortal, flesh and blood I will.

“You can’t mean that.”

“I do. We are the guardians of this world and for that I am completing my mission and I found out that my mission is to protect what is important that is the human soul and what I love.”

“That demon…you want to cure him?”

She looked down.

“I understand. The mission…”

"Do you trust me Castiel?"

The little soldier looked down before boring his blue eyes again on his friend.



Sebastian's brows twitched. Not only seeing him but feeling his presence suddenly made him territorial. "Who is this trespasser?" He asked.

"Castiel," the angel said. "You can call me by the name Castiel."

"Well, Castiel you shouldn't be here and you are not welcome to interrupt."

"Cas," she suddenly remembers the nickname. "You should give me more time. I thought you've agreed with me."

"I said it is possible that you're plan might work." He glanced at rigid Sebastian. "Time is enough for both of you," he said. "She will come with me whether you'll allow it or I'll make her."

The manservant merely smiled softly. "I’m afraid I can't allow that, she is still my property."

"And he's still mine." She said. Surprised, she thought for a second what she'd blurted out.

"You can't defy me, I'm an angel of the Lord."*

"Yes, yes." Sebastian waved off his hand. "I figured the moment you came uncalled, peasant who wears drab colors."

"You should show me some respect, you ass*." The angel replied smugly. "I'm the one who raises souls from perdition, I can drag yours back in."

(Name) cleared her throat. "Gentlemen, I think we're not getting the big picture here. Are we not getting to the biggest problem—that is, me?"

"We'll be in a moment," Cas said. "After I bring this lowly urchin down." He produced a cylinder stiletto* the length of his arm. It gleamed wickedly silver when touched by the light.

"I think you misinterpret," Sebastian got ready into a fighting stance; knees slightly bent and shoulders tensed as if already expecting a blow. "I am not young as I look."

"Perhaps cocky fiend, loser of hell, parasite."

They started to circle each other while the lady kept her distance, uncertain of how she'll stop them.

(Name) knew she should speak for it would make matters worse. They stopped and now facing each other. None seemed relaxed but poised to pounce at first opening.

"You. I want to ask you something." said Castiel then he pointed his blade to her. "What price would you pay for her life if you say your adoration is true and not deceit? What price is love?"

It a very long moment for Sebastian to speak, and when he did his voice is deep and full of confident. "What price but all of me I'd give for the one woman this world had graciously given me in the history of my hell-damned life. My answer is not important but what I'll do to keep my one treasure alive. I've sworn myself to remain loyal to that lady and I will keep my word because that is the only proof I have of being capable love."

"Well said." Castiel said solemnly. "Though things are not as easy to change considering your place."

One by one, the angel dragged his feet forward, his eyes held straight to the enemy, and reached forward to rest his hand on Sebastian head. His gentle way of approaching made Sebastian think of him as a foolish moth to a flame. His reaching hand also make him think that he was giving him his blessing but his mistress' scream told him otherwise. He yanked himself out of the angel's reach. Immediately, (Name) got in between them. She planted herself in front of Sebastian and faced the trench-coated man.

"Enough." she said.

"Get out of my way. He's a nuisance. If you wouldn't tell me the secret and decided to challenge me over that scum, it is better to kill you by my own hands than be killed by your own servant."

She grinned. "I'm an angel. I have no soul."

"You don't know everything. Tell me the plan or I will surrender him to the enemy.”

“Castiel!” she pleaded.

He narrowed his eyes and knew her answer. Castiel pushed her aside that she hadn't had the time to dodge. She then stumbled to the ground.


When she looked up the fluttering of wings were the only echoes of their presence.


He was dreaming.

But suddenly he's awake.

Electricity bolted him upright but he isn’t on his back. He was sitting on a metal chair with shackles pinned on legs. His arms were also chained at his back. He tried them, no use. He knew what this was but he hadn’t thought he’d be caught in one of them. A devil’s trap. The butler tried his bonds, in mind that he can easily break free. But no luck, he was cuffed and chained to the chair and when he looked up at the ceiling, that's when he realized he's not going anywhere. A small devil's trap fit for his chair and its occupant. He was surrounded by complete with sigils to keep him from escaping. He looked around. The room were bare and dimly lit. There was no furniture but the wheeled tray beside him. Resting on it were different apparatuses of torture. It glinted at him wickedly as if waiting for someone to use it and spill the blood of its victim.

There was only one entrance, double doors and it was in front of him. Two pairs of footsteps approached. The doors were pushed open. Two brutes entered, behind them he saw the stairs curved to the right so it was hard to guess whether how deep he was underground. This was a basement. If the other angel planned to torture him here there’s no escape. What could he possibly want with him?

One of the men picked up an apparatus. He examined it before looking straight at the prisoner. He blinked and his eyes went all black. So, Sebastian thought, demons.

The man placed it back and got a scalpel instead. Sebastian knew what will come next. Even though he can heel, it was a pain to be able to endure torture. He was after in a form of a man.

The blade was brought down on his hand, not quickly but the torturer sliced the back of his hand gingerly. Lips pinched in and scowl Sebastian fought from screaming. Blood oozed from the fresh wound. When he thought he was done, the wielder of the scalpel carefully traced another line on the previous one making the letter ‘x.’ He repeated it on his other hand.

The torturer brought a bottle. The contents were too clear to be acid. That’s… Color drained from his face. The other man smiled and before Sebastian could fathom a punch on the gut surprised him. The scalpel wielder placed the apparatus down and next he was punching him in the face.


Another pair approached the room. It was slow paced meaning whoever comes down indicates serious business. A man adorning white cassock over black undershirts came into sight. He wore leering smile, it looked as if he’d done that a million times as a welcoming gesture. There is something wrong with his presence, yes he was a priest but he knew the approach of them wasn’t like this. Sebastian felt a familiarity to this man even though he never knew him.

"Timeout, gentlemen. I want to see our new guest.” He crosses the room with an ease of a warden. “I don’t believe we’ve met, young man.”

Sebastian almost scoffed. He was far from young. "You must be friends with that angel."

"Who're you talking about? The girl I caught peeping tom?”

Bastard, he thought he was referring to (Name).

“My demon found you and told me about you barging in here and rescuing the girl." The clergyman said.

Sebastian knitted his brows in confusion. "I was brought here."

"Right you are."

"No, the angel must've left me and ordered my captor to bring me here." he said.

"Well, I don't care why she brought you to me but lucky for you chap I'm in charge here.”

“Unbind me I did nothing wrong."

His eyes lit up bright yellow, different from his and the other demons. "You sure about that, kiddo?"

There was only one he knew who has yellow eyes. He’s afraid that his guess is true but he had to ask. "Who are you?" He asked.

The newcomer winked and pointed at him. "We'll get to that."

He walked on close on the red circle of paint on the floor but careful not to neither touch nor go through it. "When I see an opportunity, I grab it. I do what I can to nurture that opportunity and bleed it for advantages. So here's the thing young man, I use you and no one will get hurt, savvy?"

Another demon appeared behind him with a harmless syringe filled with clear liquid. The man retrieved it and pierce right on his bare neck. He doesn't know what to expect but he knew poisons doesn't affect him. He's never been so wrong. Just as the man pushed the syringe down the liquid was acid to his blood, it flowed over his veins and then all over his body. He spasmed on his chair and screamed.

"Feel that?" The man said leaning down so they were face to face. "That's Holy Water. And if you don't answer my questions you will get more of that until you break or until I rid of your meatsuit and send you back home. Are we crystal clear?"

"Wh-what questions?" Hissing, Sebastian sent him a glare.

"About the angel you were whoring yourself with. You know, it's always interesting knowing about this sensitive matter. Tell me, what is she like? Are you sensual or you're just using her as past time?"

"It's not your business to know." Sebastian answered.

A cup of water was passed on his hands and he splashed the contents on his face. He gasped and yelled in pain. The wounds on his hands hurt even more. Reflexively, he tried his bonds but nothing. He was trapped.

"Does she seem secretive to you? Or is she lying all the time? Did she mention something like the plan?" he asked again and again.

Sebastian continued to stare at him darkly.

The man grinned. "Hey, kiddo. I've been here longer. You can't take me. Don't be so dignified," he spread out his arms around. "We're all the same anyway!"

He brought out a blade with teeth at the edges and intricate spelled all over the sides. Its handle was wooden but it was clean of the words and the only odd about it is when he felt afraid of it.

"I know you know what this is." He looked at his prisoner expectantly.

Sebastian's expression gave him away. A new mirth filled the jailer's face. "You don't know. Hah! Your vacant expression gave it all away! See , this knife here is going to be the end of you. If I plunge it here," he gestured on his belly. "Woosh, you're outta here like roadrunner to hell."

Suddenly a question pooped out of his mind. "What plan?" He said between his teeth.

"The plan! The plan is to bring Big Daddy back in the game! You know who I'm talking about, eh?"

No answer.

"I see you're a capable man and I need soldiers. Come join my army, what'd ya say?"

After a few moments of stillness, Sebastian opened his mouth to answer. "No." That single answer made him regret his answer but he decided to remain loyal.

The man smiled and brought out the blade and examined it, twirled it on his grip before plunging it right through Sebastian's hand.

If I Were His |SebastianxAngel!Reader| part 13
*I am an angel of the Lord A popular phrase delivered by Castiel when meeting Dead Winchester for the first time.
*You should show me some respect Smug!Cas phrase
*you ass Cas told this at Crowley when theyre talking about 'business proposals'

SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT and this part. Anyways, have a happy holiday and...

Merry christmas everybody Merry christmas everybody Merry christmas everybody 
Merry Christmas sign Merry Christmas sign Merry Christmas sign 
Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) Merry Christmas - fella (Universe) 

Want to start over? Here's the list of the other parts: :grin: 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Visit my gallery for the other parts
Black Butler

Any comments/critiques are welcome!

© story plot :iconparsoncarter:
(If you would be so kind, do not steal from other author's ideas. 
But you can get inspiration in them)
Characters not mine
Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso

feel free to browse more of my fanfics
Is this his true punishment?

The lights are dim and shadows were everywhere. She must have covered the seal with the humans called cosmetics and somehow succeed. She must be testing his loyalty. A mark cannot disappear until another demon nullified it. But their contract is done by good faith. Good faith, eh? He didn’t push her to form a contract with him. So there is no reason another demon would do it.

“No, you lie. The seal is still there and this is no joke. I wouldn’t want to strangle you again, my lady. I can accept any punishment but this is going too far.”

“I’m not lying, Sebastian. If you want proof here,” she pulled down the neckline lower for him to see.

He straightened, quite surprised at her boldness.

"I don’t understand. I thought you're used to me." She covered herself again.

"I'm not—It's improper for a lady to pull down her garment for a man to look at her bosom."

"But I want your full attention."

"Now, you're provoking me. Don't thread on waters you can't handle, love." He tugged on his glove with his teethe and began to pull it off.

"I want you to believe that’s all.”

“Haven’t you learned that lying will not do you good? You said so yourself, for our bond to be resilient,” cupping her face in one hand, he licked his lips. “You shouldn’t tell lies. If the seal vanished as you sincerely proposed I will grab the opportunity of its inconvenience to mark you again."

She looked perplexed and as mesmerized.

He reached for her arm. "You'll submit yourself to me like before."

She couldn’t take control of her body as he let him drag her closer to him.

"I'll brand you with our seal and make it stronger than before."

He caressed the delicate flesh beneath her jaw and trailed his finger down to the already disturbed neckline and pulled it down lower. She shivered in his treatment.

Gently, he licked the soft flesh. "The last time I marked you was near here. I don't want the same mistake again."

She pants as he continues to operate her body.

"The tables have changed, my sweet. Now, you are my pawn and I am the master. Don't do anything that will make me end you, understand?"

This is wrong, she thought but the only thing she can do about it is to comply. She nodded.

His finger trailed on her flesh once more as if it helps him to decide where to mark her or he's just teasing her angel-pride. He stopped at the most sensitive part of her neck. She jerked, surprised.

He bit her. Nibbled her. Then he played it with his tongue.

Innocently, he sucked at the delicate flesh. And licked her again.

She felt a painful burning sensation on her skin. And guessed he was serious about marking her again but she mused it would leave another kind of mark.

“You look very beautiful when you are red, my sweet. How I make you so flustered, it makes want to see all of you.”

“I think we’re done.” She carefully extracted herself from him but her breathes were ragged.

He stood and went to lock the door. “I believe we’re just starting.”

He stalked her with hunger in his eyes. It lit again in the most fascinating way. The arm where Claude wounded her was the one Sebastian decided to reach. He pushed up the sleeve and found that her wound had healed. No, it disappeared. Like her seal there was no mark left on her skin.

"Oh." She too was surprised; her brows were scrunched up in confusion.

His expression turned from suspicious to dark.

She panicked.

"Your work is a miracle Sebastian." She lied. Ciel did the same thing on her skin but he didn't cite it.

He isn't buying it. She opened her mouth to speak but he lifted her chin and silenced her with a kiss.

His kiss was long and sensual like it had been a very long time since they kissed. She went still like a cat but eventually submitted to him.

It's wrong but it hadn't been felt so right. She actually missed him. Her arms moved on their on their own and put it around his shoulders. She blushed at actually how she wanted him to kiss her.

He might've sensed her need because he continued agonizingly slow. He nibbled at her lip and observed her reaction. She has closed her eyes and let him do her.

He stopped and she became aggravated.

There was something of a disbelief and fear on his face. If he could be paler than he was, he is now.

"You're an angel." he whispered.

She blinked. Half a second passed when she realized he knew. They stared for a couple of moments her face contorted in the guilt of betrayal and pity, his was cool and inscrutable.

"Do you intend to kill me now?" she asked.

"You must think me for an idiot. I already tried."

The kiss?!

"I knew what you are the moment you stepped inside this house." He loomed over her, intimidating her. "Why haven't you run away when you have the chance?"

"It's because...there is still time to change everything. I want you feel not just my servant but as a companion…" she faltered, what does she truly feel?

He tilted his head in amusement. "How peculiar. You shouldn't be able to feel anything for me."

That's not true.

"So angels have no souls. I'm surprised you haven't killed me yet." He said.

"I’m trying my best not to do what my instinct tells me to do. I don’t need to kill you, I don’t want to.”

"Presently, that’s irrelevant. I tried to bring you back but alas no luck. There is a saying, once you experienced something that changed you, there is no coming back to the person you once were."

When he doesn’t do anything to attack, (Name) stepped back and readied herself to flee. If he doesn’t accept her offer to help him, so be it. But hurting him or killing him is out of the question. Supposing he’s leaning on the idea of offense she’ll just disappear and flew away.

"I just can't bring myself to leave you, Sebastian. I want to help you to be free like me."

"Freedom…I quite understand that term. What you seek is inevitable because a creature like me can never be free." Nonetheless, saying that aloud supports the barrier of seclusion from humankind because that’s what he is. I’m lying to myself.

He’s lying to himself, she thought.

He closed his eyes for a moment before resuming, "I agree with you.”

“What?” she said.

“Time is aplenty to make amends before we part ways.”

"I doubt it. You’ll kill me instead.”

"Oh no, what I plan to do is far from killing you. Now, where were we?”

She was pulled by the arm aggressively. Almost as if he’s a hungry beast, he took everything and didn’t let anything pass. (Name) is being devoured again by this hell of a man. A fist on his chest, she clutched his suit in both helplessness towards what she needs and abandonment.

Desperation is clear on his actions, she could feel it. She doesn’t mind. This side of Sebastian was new to her. She let her take the lead. What is wrong with just this? She wanted to be drunk in his kiss and be forever in his arms. She wanted more but it can’t be because an angel and a demon couldn’t be together. “I…I want mo—”

"Pardon me for interrupting your private show. I can't let things get too emotional." A middle-aged man wearing a pale colored trench-coat appeared in the center of the room.


...continued to the next chapter
If I Were His |SebastianxAngel!Reader| part 12
I became very busy on the start of the 2nd sem.
But of course, I can't just let this go unfinished.
Comment if there ere typos/or if there are something wrong,
I'm always open :D
Cheers~! :thumbsup:

Sebastian Lick plz *Background of Sebastian in this story: 
He was momentarily released from Ciel, now an adult (let's say he can grow up), a demon in disguise married to Elizabeth Middleford. His freedom was to find another deal to fulfill. But he does not hold his liberty. For Ciel ordered him to do the right thing and never wrong. Oh, irony. But for him it is better than to be stuck with him for the rest of his immortal life.

Want to start over? Here's the list of the other parts: :grin: 
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Visit my gallery for the other parts
Black Butler


© story plot :iconparsoncarter:
(If you would be so kind, do not steal from other author's ideas. 
But you can get inspiration in them)
Characters not mine
Kuroshitsuji © Yana Toboso

feel free to browse more of my fanfics

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-- We support the literature community of Deviant Art by creating a safe, creative atmosphere for artists to come together and make connections with one another.

-- Are you a little lost as to how to get involved in the writing side of DA? Take a look at this helpful guide, How to get started with the Lit Community.  It's got some wonderful advice and has helped many a deviant get their feet wet, so to speak, in the lit world!

-- If you'd like to submit to the Critique Folder, please be sure to check out  this journal to see our guidelines!

-- Before you start submitting, please familiarize yourself with our Submission Rules! This is just to make sure everyone's on the same page as far as contributing work goes, and helps keep the group running smoothly!

Again, thank you so much for joining our club! If you need anything at all, do not be afraid to ask! Wither it be about our club, or even about the going on's in Deviant Art!  

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