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September 21, 2012
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You were under your favourite sakura tree, writing whatever your mind was telling you right now. You were busy reminiscing when you saw a man staring at you for a moment. It was Kiku Honda. You met him before, and oh...he's blushing.

"(Name), whateever a young lady is doing out here all by herself?" he

"Oh, I was just—" you looked at your writing. Well, it's kinda private for him to talk about it. He doesn't seem interested in those things you were. But why is he here?

You saw he's blushing with your own very eyes. He comes closer and blushes even more as he goes closer to you.

The sakura kept falling and the silence grew awkward between them. Breeze slips past through their skin as they feel eachother's warmth as close as they could touch.

"Are you composing a novel?" started Kiku.

"A novel?" you faced him. "Um—no, just maybe a short story?"

"Did you finish it?" he asked ever so politely.

"I—" you shrugged. "I can't make out the last scene." You smiled.

"And whatever that last scene is, may I see?"

"S—sure." You hesitate to give the paper to him. You looked away, a bit embarassed of what would his reaction would be.

"I find it interesting, (Name)."

"Really?" you scooted a little closer for you to peek at your paper. "It's not that cheesy, is it?"

He bowed and somewhat lost at the thought of something. "(Name), do you know how would it end?"

You shook your head.

"There's  a thought in my mind that would help you," he blushed again. "would you allow me to do it?"


He gave you a warm smile and continued;

"In the shadow of the cherry blossom
complete strangers
there are none…"

Suddenly, as if magically, sheets of rain started to pull…
You gasped as the chill weather ambushing your skin but with Kiku it doesn't matter he resumed;

"A sheet of rain.
Only one man remains among
cherry blossom shadows

A flowering plum
and a nightingale's love song
he remains alone

A world of trials,
and if the cherry blossoms,
it simply blossoms

"It's very beautiful…" you were very mesmerized by his magnificent haikus. All those he said was utterly true.

"And the man would say 'It's all for you..'. under these shade the man confesses his love…'I love you.' (Name), and then he will lean closer and will touch his lips with hers…"

As the cherry blossom falls you know how it feels as it wither, giving lightness deep inside your soul…

You closed your eyes and waited…
"'To kiss all I ever wanted…'"

Even before you can move or were captured by that one moment...that one sweet moment…

This is for :iconluckystarxgurl: HOPE YOU LIKE IT~!!! :) :D


HETALIA © Hidekazu Himaruya

LINES of HAIKU from Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827)

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[pic: from tumblr~]

Got helped from :iconamyserrana2010: THNX AGAIN!!!
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